Book Launch

December 2014 saw the launch of a new book, Drilling Data Vortex by Dr Carlos Damski, CEO of Genesis Petroleum Technologies, which seeks to level the understanding between people who work in the ‘real’ world and those working in the digital world.  Dr Damski was driven to write the book by a desire to assist companies to improve drilling processes in the real world by using different techniques calculated in the digital world. These simulations help to devise what-if scenarios, understand risks and assess performance.

Explaining all concepts in a very simple way and avoiding excessive technicality this book is designed for a broad audience, including drilling personnel, managers, data analysts and all professionals involved in the use of data to improve drilling operations.

“In the world of drilling there are many facets to be interpreted in the digital model” says Dr Damski. “The gap between these worlds is narrowing as the industry gains computing power to run complete models with more sensors to collect data”.

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