Data Security

Strictly speaking, “data security” is not in “data management” as it operates “on” data. It adds another dimension to data management and is not limited to drilling data, or E&P, but affects all data and data access in a company. It becomes a specific problem for E&P due to the increased integration of rigs and other facilities in corporate networks. Once an attack happens in the web site, server, computer, personal gadget, it can potentially affect production facilities, a drilling rig, etc.

Once isolated, operations facilities    are now an integral part of the rest of the world with fast internet connectivity, many autonomous systems, many vendors with highly sophisticated IT systems and increasingly difficult to control data access. We have seen this elsewhere. Users with their smart phones and tablets are receiving real-time data anywhere and anytime. It is not far into the future that they will also be able to have some control over the facilities, and when that eventuates any breach of security on those devices can potentially jeopardize the facility as well.

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